Final Leaderboard
Rank Player Score Champion
1 Darren Hungerford 228 UConn
2 vern bolinger 171 Wake Forest
3 David Hungerford 143 Gonzaga
4t Ron Bolinger 133 Duke
4t joey bolinger 133 St Josephs

Message From Pool Commissioner
April 6 - UConn wins! Congrats Darren - our first place winner, and the only person to pick UConn. Second place goes to Vern. Third goes to David.

Award cerimony will be held after Grandma and Grandpa Bolinger get back home this month.

Thanks everyone for playing. It was nice to hear from family in Alaska, Idaho, Utah and Washington this year.
Until Next Year....

David Hungerford can be reached at (remove "NO-SPAM-") or by phone 253-639-2264.
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